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AJ's Offroad Armor




(Frequently Asked Questions)


"Do your bumpers come with frame tie-ins?"

YES! Every bumper we sell, front and rear with ANY kind of winch, extraction, d-ring mount and/or tow point comes with all the necessary brackets, braces, framerail tie-ins needed. It's NEVER an option, it's standard as it should be and included in the price.


"Why are your rockrails any stronger than the competition?"

It's the combination of materials used and structure that give our rockrails their strength and durability. Compare features with the competition and you'll see the difference for yourself. Our pinch seam mount is "L" shaped unlike a lot of the competition which is flat. The "L" shape gives nearly twice the rigidity. Not only that but we brace our main rockrail to the pinch seam mount where as most companies don't. Our rear mount is unique in that it has a mounting point on the rear spring hanger which puts it off the same plane as the other fasteners on the framerail. It's a proven design that has been abused offroad for over 10 years and withstood real world punishment!


"Why do you emphasize your D-ring mounts being a "thru the bumper design" so much?"

Because there is a TREMENDOUS difference in strength! A lot of companies use a d-ring "tab" which they simply locate on the face of a bumper and weld on. Regardless of how thick of material this "tab" is, it's still dependant on the strength on the metal it's welded to. So if the bumper it's welded to is 3/16" wall, it's depending on that thickness for it's strength. The weld area is only around it's base and it's not very strong when pulling off axis (not a straight on pull).

Our d-ring mounts are not tabs, they are long enough to extend through the entire bumper structure and lay against the main mounts of the bumper itself. So instead of using a single thickness of material as a base, it uses 2 layers plus lays directly in line with the main mounts. This also gives 3 times the weld area! When you pull on these d-rings, you're not pulling the bumper face, you're pulling directly from the strongest part of the bumper, the mounts.


"Do your products come powdercoated?"

No. We do have that option available unpon request but it is not cheap. Quite simply put, you get what you pay for when it comes to powdercoating. Quite honestly in the industry there are a lot of products sold with a very low quality coating put on them that doesn't last or hold up well at all. We could do the same but we stand behind everything we build and certainly don't want a subpar coating put on. Most customers prefer to paint them as it's easier to touch up than powdercoating and less expensive. The shop we use for powdercoating is one of the best in the midwest but quality is not cheap.

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