AJ's Offroad Armor :: Front Bumper Installation

Front Bumper Installation

Front Bumper Installation

MUCH THANKS TO JACK (WACKODRUMR) for the instructions and photos, good job bud! If anyone wants to add anything to this, feel free too.
 AJ's Bumper Installation
By: Jack Hedges

  Most of AJ's bumper applications are universal.  So no matter what bumper you have, these instructions could come in handy.    It helps to have a lending hand during the installation.  Especially when bolting the bumper to the frame.
First you want to remove the old stock bumper and brackets from the frame, keep the rearmost bolt as this will get reused.

You have to remove the fender support brackets in order to mount AJ's bumper. There are 4 bolts holding on this bracket.  3 of them are easy to get to but the 4th is pretty hard.  I ended up just cutting the small bracket as shown in the picture.

The main mounts of the bumper wraps around the underside of the framerail, so you need to flatten the "lip" of the front crossmember so it will lay flat. Also insert the nutstrip into the front framerail and position it over the hole on the underside.

Now go ahead and install the front crossmember supports using the 3/8" hardware provided. Make sure the 1/2" holes on the sides for the bumper mounts line up, if not feel free to bend them into place or even use a small file if necessary.

Unbolt the three bolts holding in the steering box. Be sure to use penetrating oil such as PB Blaster as these can snap off. Just like any installation, start all the hardware but don't tighten anything down until it's all in place. Start with the steering box bolts when tightening things down and work from there, being careful not to crossthread or overtighten. Reuse the stock steering bolts, the 3rd (rearward) mounting bolt, 1/2" hardware for the front and underside. On the passenger side use the 1/2" bolts with supplied nylon locking nuts for the rearward holes.

Some things to keep in mind. There are slight variances in the XJ, so you may need to tweak a hole slightly to line up just right. It helps to have a friend hold the bumper in place while trying to line up the hardware. If you run into any problems or have a questions, just give me a call or send me an email. And most of all, remember to enjoy yourself!

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