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Xterra Rockrail Installation

Xterra Rockrail Installation

Installation of our Rockrails on Nissan Xterra's is fairly straightforward with a few tips/tricks to help you out in the process. For tips on how to paint them yourself check out the "How To Paint" section. As with anything, feel free to ask questions if you are unsure or have any problems!

What you'll need to get the project done.
9/16" socket and ratchet
center punch (automatics are nice but not necessary)
silver marker
a floor jack is also very handy

So let's get started! First thing is to orient them front and back. The front side of the rails is the longer side. Looking at the pic below, the front side of the rockrail in the foreground is on the right.

There is no "exact" point to line up the rockrails on your frame, figure a finger width away from the front body mount puts you in a good area. Using a floor jack to hold the rails up it's not a bad idea to stand back, check the distance from each wheel opening and center them up. The pic below is showing the front mount.

Get them somewhat level and drill the bottom forward mounting hold and install one of the self threading bolts. DO NOT tighten it yet. This will just allow you to hold the rails in place. Then level them up across the length of your rocker panel, keeping a finger of clearance between the pinch seam and rail. The bottom of the forward mount should be about even with the bottom of the framerail. You do not want them tight up against the rocker panel as offroad the vehicle's frame and body flex at different rates.

Check and doublecheck! Then drill out the rear lower mounting hold in the back mount, installing another self threading bolt. At this point if you have a right angle drill you can go ahead and drill the remaining holes and install the hardware. However if you have a normal drill, go ahead and use the silver marker to mark out all the holes, remove the rails, center punch and drill them out. With the rails removed you'll have access using the short drill bit we supply.

**NOTE**  High speed and heat can dull a bit quickly. If your drill isn't a variable speed, work in shorter burts and use some sort of coolant such as oil frequently. This will help keep the bit sharp and make the job a lot easier. There are a wide range of metal cutting products on the market, well worth a few bucks.

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